AF-X Fireblocker faster than fire

Why would you choose for AFX….?

Because our systems and especially Fireblocker are better and cheaper than traditional solutions. They are faster to respond and easier to manage (in the long/short run).

Many of our products are developed by experts for use in space. We have specialized solutions for every business and/or requirement.

Many leading companies already discovered the advantages over traditional fire protection-systems. It goes without saying that our service is great too.

• It’s as (or more) effective than other solutions
• it always protects at any potential source
• It’s quickly activated
• It’s easier and faster to install
• It’s cheaper; investment costs are lower
• It’s easier to install or replace than traditional systems.
• It doesn’t use place nor requires special conditions like water-pressure,
• water-access or water-storage. It doesn’t use water at all.
• If it has to erupt; it looks and feels better; it doesn’t use water nor affects oxygen levels.
• More environment friendly

creating a safer world

Latest updates of AF-X Fireblocker

If saving lives, goods and businesses matters to you too, please join our network and block fires and reduce damage as a result of fire. 

Electrical cabinet

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Luxury yacht

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Fire Safety Parking Garage

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