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Fire suppression system IT & Server rooms

AF-X Fireblocker - Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system

Aerosol extinguishing system

Fire Suppression system  for IT & Server rooms

Securing ICT areas rightly receives special attention within an organization. Dependece on IT, computer or server rooms and telecommunication equipment is increasing. There are also often staff present in IT rooms and the layout of a room changes regularly because equipment is added or replaced.

If this extinguishing system is properly projected and installed; and if proper reconditioning is carried out after any extinguishing, even the most sensitive electronics can be protected with an aerosol extinguishing system. For the reconditioning of sensitive metals in, for example, server rooms or switching rooms for telecommunication equipment, a protocol was drawn up together with reconditioning company Polygon, which is based on dry cleaning with CO2.

It is of course important that the rules are followed in the event of a calamity and that all necessary measures are taken to keep the humidity level as low as possible. At least under 95%

Fire Suppression System IT & Server rooms
IT & Server rooms

Aerosol fire protection

Aerosol extinguishes on a molecular level. You are probably familiar with the so-called “fire triangle”. What aerosol actually does is to “encapsulate” the oxygen molecules. It does not expel oxygen, it just encapsulates the molecules. As a result, the fire can no longer use the oxygen, but at the same time this oxygen remains in the room so that you can simply breathe it in.

Af-X Fireblocker fire suppression system for IT & Server rooms extinguish fire without the use of water and oxygen displacement (gas). This provides significant benefits for an end user or installer. Due to the simplicity of the system, the costs for installation and maintenance are low. As a result, the purchase of an AF-X system is in many cases cheaper than another fire extinguishing systems.

The aerosol fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems are intended to extinguish a fire and to create a standing time (of at least 60 minutes) so that no re-ignition can take place after the fire.

Source protection by securing objects

By securing the sources of fire with AF-X Fireblockers, you significantly reduce the risk of (damage from) fire. Short circuit and overheating are usually the cause of fire and this only happens in a few places within your company. The fire is extinguished directly at the source. Both the fire damage and the extinguishing damage are limited to the part that caused the fire.

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AF-X Fireblocker Fire suppression electrical cabinet IT Room

A few things we’re great at looking at Fire Suppression of IT & Server Rooms

The fight against fire has been fundamentally improved by the use of the aerosol fire extinguishing systems. The dry aerosol is a solid that, once activated, blocks the fire in its origin.

Environmentally Friendly

– Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
– Zero Global Warming Potential
– Negligible Atmospheric Lifetime
– No gas
–So pressureless
– It doesn’t use water
– nor affects oxygen levels

Financially Interesting

– 15 year life-span
– Investment costs are lower
(No structural adjustments)
– It’s easier to maintain than traditional systems
– Simplicity, Plug & Play, Compact
– Fully Certified

More Easy to Install

– It’s easier and faster to install
– It doesn’t requires special conditions:
– No water-pressure, No water-access or water-storage
– No seperated room for gas-cylinders, No piping

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