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Marine Fire Suppression

AF-X Fireblocker - Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system

marine fire suppression

Marine Fire Safety. No more massive fire damage on board!

When a fire occurs on your boat, you have nowhere to go and your life is in grave danger. A fire on your boat does not just happen and is often caused by overheating of your engine or a short circuit in the: Battery box, Lectern ,Inverter, Generator or Control box. Fires usually start in engine rooms, machinery, electrical and control rooms and storages. Fires that typically start in out-of-sight compartments are often difficult to access, making emergency fire suppression a challenging task. These spaces and objects are easy to secure with an AF-X Fireblocker.

recreational boating marine fire suppression
Reduce the chance of life-threatening situations with the AF-X Fireblocker Fire Extinguishing System

The Secret of Success of marine fire suppression

With the AF-X Fireblocker for your boat, the manual or automatic fire extinguishing system from AF-X, you are protected against fire. The AF-X Fireblocker is easy to install in the places where the risk of fire is greatest.

No Seperated room for the extinguishing system

AF-X Fireblockers extinguish fire without oxygen expulsion (gas). This provides significant benefits for you as an end user or installer. The extinguishing units can be easily and simply installed in the room itself, so no further structural adjustments need to be made. No separate space for gas bottles. All these additional costs are eliminated when choosing an AF-X Fireblocker aerosol installation.

Extra protection time after extinguishing

The fire extinguishing system of AF-X ensures that the aerosol floats homogeneously in the protected area for at least 60 minutes (extendable to 2 hours). With AF-X Fireblocker fire protection you do not have to worry that re-ignition may occur.

Limiting extinguishing damage

Fire protection at the source

Because the aerosol is a solid, we can produce the AF-X Fireblocker in any desired format. This makes the AF-X Fireblocker also suitable for “source” fire protection. For example, the AF-X Fireblocker can be placed in control cabinets and/or distribution boxes.

The AF-X System is electrically controlled. This means that you can install and commission the system with an E-installation engineer. No separate company is required for this.
The AF-X Fireblocker uses a dry aerosol. A dry aerosol extinguishes the fire quickly and effectively and is not harmful. Existing fire extinguishing systems work under pressure, require specialist installation and requires relatively a lot of maintenance. An AF-X Fireblocker is pressureless, compact, electrically controlled and almost maintenance-free.

Marine fire suppression at the source

A few things we’re great at in marine fire suppression 

The fight against fire has been fundamentally improved by the use of the aerosol Industrial fire suppression system. The dry aerosol is a solid that, once activated, blocks the fire in its origin.

Environmentally Friendly

– Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
– Zero Global Warming Potential
– Negligible Atmospheric Lifetime
– No gas
–So pressureless
– It doesn’t use water
– nor affects oxygen levels

Financially Interesting

– 15 year life-span
– Investment costs are lower
(No structural adjustments)
– It’s easier to maintain than traditional systems
– Simplicity, Plug & Play, Compact
– Fully Certified

More Easy to Install

– It’s easier and faster to install

– It doesn’t requires special conditions:
– No water-pressure, No water-access or water-storage
– No seperated room for gas-cylinders, No piping

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