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Waterless extinguishing

AF-X Fireblocker - Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system

Originally developed for space travel

AF-X Fireblocker serves as a built-in fireman and swiftly extinguishes the fire with a dry aerosol. Without water and without gas! Therefore, there will be no fire damage, no water damage and no consequential loss. And it is harmless to man, animals and the environment. So, it is safer, more economical and totally responsible.

Waterless extinguishing with afx fireblocker

Waterless, so less damage.

The AF-X Fireblocker is based on a dry aerosol. Aerosol extinguishing devices operate with a solid compound that is discharged as a dry aerosol into the area upon activation. This results in a number of important advantages.

The fire does not spread as rapidly and the risk of floating fire is averted.
Your equipment, storage and goods will not be affected by the fire extinguishing water.
There will be no pollution of the surface water.
You are saving the environment.
Key Benefits of Aerosol extinguishing tecnologies

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