No Gas

Safe. Harmless to people and the environment.

Fire extinguishing No Gas

Aerosol is safer than gas!

Originally developed for space travel, the AF-X Fireblocker serves as a built-in fireman and swiftly extinguishes the fire with a dry aerosol. Without water and without gas! Therefore, there will be no fire damage, no water damage and no consequential loss. And it is harmless to man, animals and the environment. So, it is safer, more economical and totally responsible.

Harmless to people and the environment. 

AF-X Fireblocker works without gas, without pressure and without oxygen expulsion. As a result, the deadly risk of suffocation is simply excluded. Safer for people and the environment.

Extinguishing at the molecular level.

With conventional systems, an element is removed from the fire triangle. The extinguishing effect of the af-x systems is more intelligent. Outside the fire triangle, the mixing ratios and the catalytic effect also play an important role. At the molecular level, fire is nothing but a chemical reaction. Heat development creates unstable molecules (so-called free radicals). Upon activation of the af-x extinguishing systems, the aerosol mist immediately establishes a connection with these free radicals. The aerosol then again provides stable molecular connections. In this way the fire is blocked at the very first stage: without cold shocks and without oxygen expulsion.

Safer and cheaper.

Because AF-X Fireblocker does not work with gas but with a dry substance, it is incredibly compact. As a result, no structural facilities are required, such as making the rooms airtight. AF-X Fireblocker is also much cheaper in terms of maintenance.

High quality production partner

The AF-X Fireblocker has been designed, developed and produced in collaboration with Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V part of the ArianeGroup, a Joint Venture of Airbus & SAFRAN.

Certified and developed in accordance with the following guidelines and standards:

  •    ISO 15779
  •    EN 15276
  •    UL 2775
  •    CEN / TR 15276
  •    NFPA 2010
  •    BRL-K23001
  •    IMO 1270

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