Amphibious vehicle

Splashbus amphibious vehicle protected against fire

Splashbus amphibious vehicle protected against fire
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Protecting an amphibian poses both regulatory and technical challenges. As soon as it concerns a ship and more than 12 passengers inland shipping rules regarding safety and equipment apply, while on the road the systems will soon have to comply with the UNECE Regulation 107.


Due to the lack of space, it is a challenge to place a fire extinguishing system in a ship or a vehicle. Combine the two and it becomes even more challenging.

This is where the AF-X Fireblocker carbon units come in:

  1. They are compact
  2. The units are easy to install
  3. Connection is a matter of plug & play (thanks to the integrated connector)
  4. Installation and maintenance of an extinguishing system has never been easier

If you want to move the system to another vehicle, the Plug and play system makes it easy to dismantle and quickly rebuild it. Because the AF-X Fireblocker is electrically controlled, piping is not necessary. Compared to other systems, AF-X Fireblocker takes up little space and is easy and quick to install.

AF-X Fireblocker simplicity and price-wise the most interesting
  •     Simplicity
  •     Plug & Play
  •     Compact
  •     No piping
  •     Pressureless
  •     No Water
  •     Easy Installation

These advantages and the fact that the AF-X Fireblocker price is the most interesting, were decisive for choosing AF-X Fireblocker.

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