Lithium ESS Go-sharing

Lithium ESS of Go-sharing Germany protected against fire with AF-X Fireblocker

Fire Safety ESS Go-sharing Germany

GO Sharing offers 100% electric shared transport as a new, flexible way of travel all via one app. We connect regions for everyone in a fun way. GO Sharing wants to make 100% electric shared transport accessible for everyone from door to door. This puts us at the helm of the transition from traditional transport to more environmentally friendly and compact shared transport. From ownership to use, only when you need it. With GO Sharing, everyone can contribute to a greener and liveable future.

The job.

Go-sharing is one of the fastest growing platform for electric mobility in Europe. In order to maintain that growth Go-Sharing has strategic service and charging points where if needed batteries can be switched or revised. These charging hubs are located in mainly in the north of Europe. As they need to be flexible with their charging hubs they are fitted in 20ft containers.


With the AF-X Fireblocker system to have a modular, removeable system which gives them space and safety when and where they need it. 


AF-X Fire Solutions has installed more than 10 AF-X Fireblocker installations in different countries spread out over Europe.


The AF-X Fireblocker has been tested for effectiveness in suppressing Li-ion battery fires. These tests have been successfully performed and documented in collaboration with the Peutz fire laboratory. The extensive Peutz test report can be requested from us.


Main conclusions that become visible in the report


  • Significant and rapid temperature reduction
  • Major control phase of the Thermal Runaway
  • As a result, the Thermal Runaway reaction is stopped.
  • Creating a stable situation in a lithium-ion battery (LiBs) storage

Prevent fire with AF-X Fireblocker. Fire causes enormous damage. Most fires develop from a short circuit in, or overtaxing of engines or equipment. Unseen. Unnoticed. Undiscovered until late, and more often than not even far too late. AF-X Fireblocker is one of the few systems that operate from within and blocks the fire directly at the spot that until now could not be protected: right at the seat of the fire.


AF-X Fireblocker simplicity and price-wise the most interesting
  •     Environmentally friendly
  •     Plug & Play
  •     Simplicity
  •     Electrical control and activation
  •     Compact
  •     No piping
  •     Pressureless
  •     No Water

These advantages and the fact that the AF-X Fireblocker price is the most interesting, were decisive for choosing AF-X Fireblocker.

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Full Reference sheet & Technical data of the AF-X Fireblocker system? Download the PDF version of the reference.