Copper Mine

Technical Room Copper Mine Peru protected against fire with AF-X Fireblocker

Mining Fire safety

Mining Industry Peru Peru is a global mining powerhouse, ranking third in global copper production, second for silver and sixth for gold. More than 14 percent of Peruvian territory is concessioned for mining, with only 1.34 percent of the area being used for exploration and exploitation.


The Job

The application of electricity to the mining industry is a distinctive area of both mining engineering and electrical engineering. The difficult environment, the dynamic power loads, the cyclic and mobile operation and stringent safety requirements that characterize mining, all place unique demands on the mine power system. No other industry makes such extensive use of portable extensible equipment or has such complex infrastructure.

Compact and lightweight

Using AF-X Fireblocker provides an effective, compact extinguishing system which is easy to install and is safe for present humans. In combination with an early detection a fire can be detected in a very early stage and extinguish to prevent bigger down-time and more damage.

AF-X Fireblocker simplicity and price-wise the most interesting
  •     Environmentally friendly
  •     Plug & Play
  •     Simplicity
  •     Electrical control and activation
  •     Compact
  •     No piping
  •     Pressureless
  •     No Water

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