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When de Leeuwarden Medical Centre (MCL) was in the process of designing its new, fully automated staff uniform distribution system, the position of the technical installation right under the operating theatre in combination with the fire load represented by the clothing posed a problem. Despite the presence of a fire barrier, the fire department as well as the in-house emergency response team and real estate department demanded additional measures. After having investigated various systems, it was decided to enter into a business relationship with AF-X Fire Solutions.

AF-X Fireblocker

The new aerosol fire extinguishing system AF-X Fireblocker immediately resolved the outstanding safety and constructional issues and could be installed short-term. A water or foam-based extinguishing system was undesirable in view of the need for maximum protection of the recently acquired installation as well as the need to distribute the uniforms as soon as possible. In addition, systems using pressure were considered too expensive and complex; they would involve too many constructional adjustments.

AF-X Fireblocker simplicity and price-wise the most interesting

To make transport possible, this “mega” crane must be disassembled .

  •     Simplicity
  •     Plug & Play
  •     Compact
  •     No piping
  •     Pressureless

These advantages and the fact that the AF-X Fireblocker price is the most interesting, were decisive for choosing AF-X Fireblocker.

Full Reference sheet & Technical data of the AF-X Fireblocker system at MCL? Download the PDF version of the reference with detailed data.

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