Vibration Certification Test

KIWA witnessed AF-X Fireblocker Nano Series successfully pass the Vibration Certification Test

AF-X Systems supplies environmentally and socially responsible fire safety. We develop, produce and market a unique and patented aerosol fire extinguishing technology for a global market.

We are an expert in the field of aerosol fire extinguishing technology,
We are your reliable partner in the field of fire extinguishing equipment and fire safety,
always innovating to help you be leader of the market and ahead of future developments.

AF-X company core values are:
o Alert
o Quick
o Powerful
o Smart (effective & efficient)

Our Vision
There will always be fire. Big fires start small.
AF-X enables you to stop fire before it gets a chance to spread.

Our Mission
AF-X helps you reduce damage as a result of fire:
Fewer casualties
Less material damage
Less environmental damage
Prevention of business interruption

If saving lives, goods and businesses matters to you too, please join our network and block fires and reduce damage as a result of fire. Contact us at: or tel. + And visit our website at

The AF-X Fireblocker Nano Series are designed, produced and tested to comply with:
NEN-ISO 15779
CEN/TR 15276-1
UL 2775
The AF-X Fireblocker Nano Series cover fires in Class A, B, C and F

ArianeGroup produces exclusively the AF-X Fireblocker NANO Series. ArianeGroup springs from the shared ambition of Airbus and Safran to take the European space industry to the highest possible level. Equally owned by the two groups, ArianeGroup houses the entire scope of their civil and military launcher activities and competences in a single, coherent company, with a workforce of over 9,000 highly skilled people in France, Germany and The Netherlands.