Dutch digital infrastructure protected with AF-X fireblocker

VodafoneZiggo Amsterdam

VodafoneZiggo Fire protection with AF-X Fireblocker

VodafoneZiggo is one of the founding companies of Dutch digitalization with one of the best infrastructures throughout the world and connects people worldwide. In 2016, when Vodafone and Ziggo merged to become VodafoneZiggo, the headquarters in Amsterdam faced some challenges regarding fire safety.

Connectivity and Communication

Key pointers of today’s society are connectivity and communication, and VodafoneZiggo offers this by using cutting-edge techniques, but also by protecting their infrastructures with state-of-theart fire protection systems.

The job.

AF-X Fire Solutions B.V., the Dutch distributor of the AF-X Fireblocker, had taken on the job to ensure fire safety in the new technical areas in the VodafoneZiggo HQ. Some areas with a height of more than 12 meters are protected by several layers of AF-X Fireblockers. Old elevators shafts were transformed into technical shafts in which water, electricity and other cabling were installed.

The shafts are connected to the building’s new boiler room and ventilation system. These areas, as well as the new boiler room on top of the HQ, are protected with AF-X Fireblockers BMs.

Full Reference sheet & Technical data of the AF-X Fireblocker system in the HQ of VodafoneZiggo? Download the PDF version of the reference with detailed data.