AF-X Fireblocker nano series
High-quality fire extinguishing systems. The AF-X Fireblocker nano has been designed, developed and built in collaboration with Ariane Group – Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V
Higher efficiency so cheaper
On a molecular level AF-X Fireblocker’s nano composition differs from other aerosols in three ways. First of all the size of the particles is smaller. Secondly, the molecules have several phenol groups allowing them to combine with more free radicals. And finally the Solid Based Compound contains (dry) solid substances only. Although more complicated from a process technological point of view, these differences are beneficial in the conversion upon activation. As a result of the more effective conversion AF-X Fireblocker nano is more efficient. And as a result of its higher efficiency AF-X Fireblocker nano is cheaper.
Lower system costs
AF-X Fireblocker nano fire extinguishing systems have a lower cost price than its competitors’. Thanks to their aerosol’s higher efficiency, fewer units per protected area are required. Maintenance is easy, because the generators’ integrated connectors enable quick continuity testing. Together the smooth installation and easy maintenance save quite some expensive man-hours.
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