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Fire extinguishing system for boating

Recreational Boating. No more massive fire damage on board!

When a fire occurs on your boat, you have nowhere to go and your life is in grave danger. A fire on your boat does not just happen and is often caused by overheating of your engine or a short circuit in the:
    Battery box;
    Control box.
These spaces and objects are easy to secure with an AF-X Fireblocker.

Reduce the chance of life-threatening situations with the AF-X Fireblocker Extinguishing System for recreational boating

With the AF-X Fireblocker for your boat, the automatic fire extinguishing system from AF-X, you are protected against fire 24×7! The AF-X Fireblocker is easy to install in the places where the risk of fire is greatest.

Easy installation and not harmful

The AF-X System is electrically controlled. This means that you can install and commission the system with an E-installation engineer. No separate company is required for this.
The AF-X Fireblocker uses a dry aerosol. A dry aerosol extinguishes the fire quickly and effectively and is not harmful. Existing fire extinguishing systems work under pressure, require specialist installation and requires relatively a lot of maintenance. An AF-X Fireblocker is pressureless, compact, electrically controlled and almost maintenance-free.
recreational boating fire safety

Advantages of the AF-X Fireblocker fire extinguishing system in your boat

Plug & Play fire safety connector
  • Compact;
  • Electrically controlled extinguishing systems
  • No structural changes;
  • Easy installation;
  • No fire damage;
  • Fast and effective extinguishing;
  • Does not expel oxygen;
  • Financially interesting;
  • Not harmful to humans and the environment.

High-quality fire extinguishing systems

The AF-X Fireblocker was designed, developed and built in collaboration with Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V part of the ArianeGroup, a Joint Venture of Airbus & SAFRAN.
Certified, complies with and developed in accordance with the following directives and standards:
  • ISO 15779
  • EN 15276
  • UL 2775
  • CEN / TR 15276
  • NFPA 2010
  • BRL-K23001
  • IMO 1270
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