Offshore Wind Turbine

Fire extinguishing system for Offshore Turbines with AF-X Fireblocker

Offshore turbine fire extinguishing system

Suppliers and research companies for Offshore Turbines integrate AF-X Fireblocker extinguishing

Offshore wind power or offshore wind energy is the use of wind farms constructed in bodies of water, usually in the ocean, to harvest wind energy to generate electricity. Higher wind speeds are available offshore compared to on land, so offshore wind power’s electricity generation is higher. In the Netherlands, we have more than 2,000 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 2,500 megawatts. The Dutch government has the ambition to grow to 6,000 megawatts in 2020. By placing wind parks, offshore area should also be made of containers that can be used in the all sort of conditions.

High fire risk

In addition to a generator and often a transformer, the wind turbine’s nacelle contains brakes, switch boxes, transmissions and converters. Due to the combination of these parts and lubricants, grease, plastic and electronic components, there is a high fire risk in the nacelle. Short circuit, overload, overheating and lightning stroke are the main causes of fire in a wind turbine.

Fire Safety Offshore Wind Turbine

Compact, with a flawless and quick installation.

The interior design of turbines leaves little space for other installations, such as fire extinguishing systems. The dimensions of the AF-X Fireblocker BM are 25 x 25 x 30 cm, taking up a fraction of the space other systems use, such as gas suppression systems. Thanks to the integrated connector, the AF-X Fireblocker is a plug-and-play-system and results in faster installation giving less downtime of the turbine.

AF-X Fireblocker simplicity and price-wise the most interesting
  •     Simplicity
  •     Plug & Play
  •     Compact
  •     No piping
  •     Pressureless
  •     No Water
  •     Easy Installation

These advantages and the fact that the AF-X Fireblocker price is the most interesting, were decisive for choosing AF-X Fireblocker.


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