Offshore Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishing systems for offshore applications

fire extinguishing systems for offshore applications

Fire in the offshore sector is predominantly difficult to extinguish and can therefore have major consequences. Not only does a fire destroy the infrastructure, but it also causes major environmental damage.


AF-X Fireblocker has worked for years on the further development of aerosol extinguishing systems together with national and international institutes. This has resulted in a very powerful, environmentally friendly and safe extinguishing system that is extremely suitable for the petrochemical and offshore industry.


There are various reasons why a company chooses a system with AF-X Fireblocker. Sometimes it is simply the lower cost compared to other systems. However, it is often other reasons such as the compactness of the system. It takes up virtually no space. The much lighter weight compared to the other available systems also plays a role. But especially the minimal consequential damage that our extinguishing system has are often decisive. The AF-X Fireblocker make a direct contribution to better environmental management and simply offer the safest solution.

Fire extinguishing systems in all sizes

The AF-X Fireblocker fire extinguishing systems do not work on the basis of a gas or a liquid, but on the basis of a solid bound compound. This means that we can make our fire extinguishing systems in the size that they are suitable for any space. They even can be placed directly in machines and equipment, near possible sources of fire.

AF-X Fireblocker nano series small
AFX Fireblocker Carbon extinguishers
AFX Fireblocker Carbon series
AFX Fireblocker nano series

NO oxygen expulsion

When extinguishing with a gas or CO2, the oxygen present in a room is reduced or completely expelled. During extinguishing with the AF-X Fireblocker system, the oxygen is not removed due to its unique effect, but is secured in new stable compounds. Extinguishing with an aerosol does not dissipate oxygen and is therefore safe for people and for any victims who cannot get out of a room.

NO structural provisions or modifications

The fire extinguishing system is easy to install and does not require any structural provisions or modifications, which directly results in:

  • No pipework
  • Walls remain intact
  • No pressure relief valves
  • No separate space for cylinders
  • Cost savings

Almost no maintenance, maximum production time

The fire extinguishing systems of AF-X Fireblocker are pressureless. This keeps maintenance limited. The systems work for a minimum of 15 years. This makes a cost comparison with other systems very easy.

Some advantages:

  • Fast detection and very effective extinguishing
  • No extinguishing damage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Takes up very little space
  • Relatively little weight
  • No structural provisions or modifications
  • Low maintenance
  • Not harmful to people or equipment
  • Complete system in stainless steel housing
  • Financially attractive
  • Life-span of 15 years

High-quality fire extinguishing systems

The AF-X Fireblocker is designed, developed and built in collaboration with Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V part of the ArianeGroup, a Joint Venture of AIRBUS & SAFRAN.

Certified, complies with and developed in accordance with the following directives and standards:

ISO 15779
EN 15276
UL 2775
CEN / TR 15276
NFPA 2010

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