industrial fire protection

Fire protection and Industry. Business continuity is essential!

AF-X supplies Dutch manufactured aerosol fire extinguishing generators of the highest quality. The aerosol extinguishing generators can be used in various areas within the industrial sector. The smaller AF-X Fireblockers are also suitable for securing objects.


AF-X Fireblockers extinguish fire without the use of water and oxygen expulsion (gas). This provides significant benefits for you as an end user or installer. Due to the simplicity of the system, the costs for installation and maintenance are low. As a result, the purchase of an AF-X system is in many cases cheaper than another fire extinguishing systems.


Consequential damage remains minimal due to the non-use of water, which guarantees your business continuity. In addition, the AF-X Fireblocker aerosol is harmless to humans and animals and safe for the environment.

Aerosol fire protection

What can an aerosol extinguishing system do for you? Aerosol extinguishes at the molecular level. You are probably familiar with the so-called “fire triangle”. What an extinguishing aerosol actually does is “encapsulate” the oxygen molecules. It does not expel oxygen, it just encapsulates the molecules. As a result, the fire can no longer use the oxygen, but at the same time this oxygen remains in the room so that you can simply breathe it in.


The AF-X fire extinguishing systems will detect, alarm and extinguish a fire at an early stage. Afterwards, a service life will be created so that no re-ignition can take place. Because the extinguishing aerosol is a solid compound before activation, we can  manufacture extinguishing generators in various sizes.


The small generators are suitable for fire protection at the source. Think of control technology, control cabinets and electrical cabinets.

Also, we have large generators that are suitable for securing areas such as production areas, technical areas, server and storage areas.

Extinguishing system AF-X Fireblocker industrial Area

Fire Safety at the Source 

By protecting the sources of fire with AF-X Fireblocker, you significantly reduce the risk of (damage from) fire. Short circuits and overheating are usually the cause of fires and this only happens in a few places within your company. The fire is extinguished directly at the source. Both the fire damage and the extinguishing damage are limited to the part that caused the fire.

Sources of fire

  • Production machines;
  • Control boxes;
  • Electricity panels;
  • Switch boxes;
  • Battery charging stations.
AF-X Fireblocker fire safety for a electrical cabinet

Benefits of the AF-X Fireblocker fire extinguishing system within the industry

  • No structural changes and easy installation;
  • No extinguishing damage and no consequential damage;
  • Fast and effective extinguishing;
  • Does not expel oxygen;
  • Does not use water;
  • Financially attractive;
  • Not harmful to humans and the environment;
  • Stand-alone extinguishing generators available directly at the source;
  • Guaranteed business continuity;
  • Little maintenance.

High-quality fire extinguishing system

The AF-X Fireblocker was designed, developed and built in collaboration with Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V part of the ArianeGroup, a Joint Venture of AIRBUS & SAFRAN.

Certified, complies with and developed in accordance with the following directives and standards:

  • ISO 15779
  • EN 15276
  • UL 2775
  • NFPA 2010
  • BRL-K23001

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