Fire Safety Parking Garage

Fire protection specially for automatic parking garages

Fire safety automatic parking garage
Aerosol is perfectly suitable as an extinguishing medium for closed and fully automatic parking garages.

A fully automatic parking system is incorporated in an automatic parking garage. In this system, the user parks the car in an entrance area and then leaves the car. The user scans his pass outside and then the car is automatically placed in the parking garage.

If the parking garage is a closed space, a fire extinguishing system with AF-X Fireblocker is an extremely suitable system, considering the limited construction modifications and the costs involved.

Declaration of equivalence from agency PEUTZ, certified and compliant with ISO, EN, UL, NFPA and BRL.
Aerosol fire extinguishing systems have a declaration of equivalence from the engineering firm Peutz in line with the General Requirements of the Building Decree in The Netherlands. This means that by installing a simple system of AF-X Fireblocker rooms can be protected against fire within the requirements of the Building Decree, without additional structural modifications. This means a huge cost saving for construction and renovation projects, certainly if it concerns high-rise buildings.
No extinguishing damage, Does not expel oxygen
When a fire starts in a (automatic) parking garage, it quickly seizes around because the heat cannot go anywhere. Due to the enormous heat, regular parking garages and especially automatic parking garages are almost inaccessible to firefighters at such a moment. The only thing they can do is flood it. And this brings enormous damage!
Extinguishing with a dry Aerosol extinguishes the fire quickly, effectively and does not damage the existing equipment in your parking garage. An Aerosol extinguishes the fire at the molecular level. Once activated, the fire extinguishing systems initiate a reaction in which the released dry aerosol binds the free radicals of combustion. This actually removes the energy present from the flame. In short, no fire damage & does not expel oxygen!
Extinguishing effect 

The aerosol that is generated fights and extinguishes fire not by using the methods of suffocation (taking away oxygen) or cooling, but by stopping the combustion reaction on a molecular basis (by binding free radicals) without affecting the oxygen level.

With conventional fire extinguishing systems, an element is removed from the fire triangle. The extinguishing method of the AF-X Fireblocker system is more intelligent.

The mixing ratios and the catalysis also play an important role. On a molecular level, fire is nothing but a chemical reaction. Within that chemical reaction, unstable molecules float around. These unstable molecules are also called free radicals. When the AF-X extinguishing systems are activated, the aerosol mist immediately forms a connection with these free radicals. The aerosol then again provides stable molecular connections. Thus the fire is blocked in the very first stage without cold shocks, without water and without oxygen expulsion.

Save money on modifications
The AF-X Fireblocker fire suppression system is “easy” to install. The generators are mounted in the room itself and are electrically controlled. In addition, no structural adjustments are required. For you, this means that you can save in advance on, for example:
  •     Water storage;
  •     Drip trays;
  •     Pipework;
  •     Measurres against pressure;
  •     Separate room for gas bottles.
Source protection
We can optimize your fire protection in existing (automatic) garages that are already equipped with an extinguishing system. By equipping the sources of fire with an automatic fire extinguishing system you prevent the fire from spreading and your total flooding extinguishing system is activated. Consider, for example, switch boxes and control cabinets. The fire is immediately dealt with in the switch box or control cabinet.
Advantages of the AF-X Fireblocker fire extinguishing system for (automatic) garages:
  • Very efficient and effective extinguishing agent
  • No extinguishing damage
  • Easy installation  
  • No structural modifications
  • Non-harmful for humans   
  • Does not expel oxygen    
  • Environmentally neutral  
  • Financially attractive    
  • Fast detection and extinguishing    
  • Directly at the source

The AF-X Fireblocker developed by AF-X contains the world’s most effective condensed aerosol extinguisher. The AF-X Fireblocker is certified by KIWA in accordance with the following norms and guidelines:

  •    ISO 15779
  •    EN 15276
  •    UL 2775
  •    NFPA 2010
  •    BRL K23001

With our fire protection systems it is possible to control the fire without causing any damage to people, the environment and other equipment and materials that are present in the parking garage. 

An additional advantage is that an AF-X Fireblocker extinguishing system is a much better investment than traditional extinguishing systems. Our fire extinguishing systems are low in maintenance and have a service life of at least 15 years.

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