Electrical cabinet

Fire Protection at the source

AF-X Fireblocker fire safety for a electrical cabinet


A electrical cabinet is a gathering point of electricity and therefore a potential source of fire. With AF-X Fireblocker fire protection of a switch box or electrical cabinet can be easily and cheaply protected against fire.

Source protection prevents further damage

With the fire extinguishing system of AF-X Systems you can fight a starting fire directly at the source. Thanks to rapid detection and extinguishing within  the control cabinet, damage is limited and your business continuity is not endangered.

Dry Aerosol

The AF-X Fireblocker uses a dry aerosol for extinguishing. Extinguishing with a dry Aerosol is quick, effectively and does not damage existing equipment. An Aerosol extinguishes the fire at the molecular level by binding with oxygen and stabilize it so that the energy present is taken from the flame. Dry aerosol is not harmful to equipment, people and the environment.
it is low in maintenance and easy to install.

  • Financially interesting;
  • Rapid detection / extinguishing directly at the source;
  • Easy installation;
  • No extinguishing damage;
  • Not harmful to equipment, people and the environment;
  • Stand-alone;
  • Business continuity guaranteed;
Fire protection electrical cabinet

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