AF-X Fireblocker extinguishing system with a AF-X TEC

The AF-X TEC is a stand-alone activation module that can activate an AF-X Fireblocker. The AF-X TEC is designed for a “small” object and the activation of one (1) AF-X Fireblocker.

  • Detects fire through linear heat detection cable
  • The battery voltage is continuously monitored
  • The connection of the AF-X Fireblocker is continuously monitored
  • Acoustic alarm in case of wire breakage, fire detection and when the batteries need to be replaced
  • Activates the AF-X Fireblocker when a fire is detected

* Only suitable for the AF-X Fireblocker nano series



AF-X Extinguishing panel TEC
AF-X TEC extinguishing system
Advantages of an aerosol extinguishing system
  • Not harmful to people, the environment and equipment;
  • Does not dissipate oxygen;
  • No extinguishing damage (extinguish without water);
  • Simple installation (electrically controlled);
  • Right at the source;
  • No pipework;
  • No separate space for gas cylinders;
  • The extinguishing agent in the generator is a solid, so it is pressureless;
  • Financially attractive (lifespan of 15 years)

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